10 more people from Red Hat you should follow

A few weeks ago, I posted a list of ten people from Red Hat you should be following, and promised there were more people to come. For today’s list, the rule is that they must be on Twitter, and I’ve split them into two groups: The first group is all Red Hat executives and the second group is what I’m going to call Red Hat catalysts– people inside of Red Hat who make things happen because of their ideas and passion.

First, here are five Red Hat executives on Twitter:

1. Jim Whitehurst, CEO

Yes, Jim Whitehurst is on Twitter and has been for almost a year. Sure he’s not saying much yet, but he has a pretty impressive list of followers (almost 400 at last count). Perhaps if a bunch of you go follow him right now, he’ll feel the need to start tweeting more often. Make sure to send him a message saying Chris Grams told you to say he’s not posting enough.

2. Iain Gray, Vice President of Customer Engagement

Iain Gray, who I just wrote about earlier this week here, is starting to become a regular Twitterer, which is a good thing for Red Hat, because he has some of the best ideas in the company. The only bummer about following Iain on Twitter is you lose the killer Scottish accent. Find him here.

3. DeLisa Alexander, Senior Vice President of People & Brand

DeLisa Alexander is the executive who spearheaded the combination of HR and brand communications into one group at Red Hat, a subject I wrote about here. She is just getting started on Twitter, but that doesn’t mean you should go easy on her. Ask her some tough questions, like “how much transparency is too much?” or “do job titles matter?”. Oh yeah, she is also a great boss. I’m such a suck up.

4. Rachel Cassidy, Vice President of Global Professional Services

Rachel Cassidy is one of those smart executives who perfectly balances professional experience, diplomatic savvy, and fun. She also manages some of the smartest and best Red Hat employees, the ones that spend their days in the customers’ worlds making them happy. I’d love to see her sharing more of her ideas and experiences on Twitter. Please tell her I said so.

5. Marco Bill-Peter, Vice President of Global Support

You know, I think I have only met Marco Bill-Peter once or twice in person (he works out of our Westford, MA office), but I still feel like I know him well. He’s just one of those people. Workwise, he’s a Red Hat superstar who is in charge of Red Hat support globally. Which doesn’t mean he will fix your server issue via Twitter, so don’t go there. But you can find his tweets here.

Ok, now on to the Red Hat catalysts:

6. Erich Morisse

Erich works out of our New York City office, and is always an interesting person to have a conversation with on Red Hat and non-Red Hat subjects. His special area of interest is social networks and the measurement of social capital. In addition to his Twitter feed here, you might want to check out his cool blog about social capital called How We Know Us.

7. Summer Maynard

Summer is a manager in the Red Hat support group and is a shining example of the Red Hat culture. Collaborative, open, but also the shy, humble sort, you won’t find Summer vying to be the center of attention. But if you are listening closely, you’ll find she’s often the person who has the best ideas in the room. Follow her on Twitter here.

8. Emma Battle

Emma is, hands down, Red Hat’s #1 Twitterer. With over 5000 followers and a regular beat covering a variety of e-marketing subjects, you’ll find that she is always on top of the latest social media news and trends. Which is good, because she also runs online marketing for Red Hat. Her twitter feed is here.

9. Maria Moore

If you want to know what is going on at the intersection of public policy and open source, look no further than Maria Moore’s Twitter feed. Maria works out of our Northern Virginia office and is closely tied in to the latest news about how the US government is using open source software and applying open source principles.

10. Paul Frields

Fedora Project Leader Paul Frields is a Red Hat renaissance man– musician, technologist, a family man and more. He and I share a common passion for bass guitar and the Who (and not for entirely unconnected reasons, I’m sure). You can follow him on Twitter here. Oh, and go check his blog, or this cool video of him explaining how code makes it from Fedora to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

OK, that’s it for this time. And please, if you know of more interesting Red Hat people you think I should highlight (or you are one of those people yourself) please come on over to my Twitter feed and let me know.

About Chris Grams

Chris Grams is Head of Marketing at Tidelift. He is also the author of The Ad-Free Brand: Secrets to Successful Brand Positioning in a Digital World.


4 thoughts on “10 more people from Red Hat you should follow

  1. This is great! Thanks for posting. I look forward to staying up-to-date with everyone!

    Posted by Rebecca Goldstein | November 9, 2009, 5:22 pm


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