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A while back, I started a series of basic brand positioning tips on this blog. A lot of folks seem to read them, so I thought maybe it was time to create a page to put them all in one place. Voila, it is so. If you like these, you might also like the series of tips I’ve created about how to build ad-free brands–check them out here.

Brand positioning tip #1: points of parity and points of difference

Brand positioning tip #2: the competitive frame of reference

Brand positioning tip #3: the brand mantra

Brand positioning tip #4: brand permission

Brand positioning tip #5: the brand audit

Brand positioning tip #6: build peninsulas, not islands

Brand positioning tip #7: don’t abandon your strengths

Brand positioning tip #8: five great books you should check out

Brand positioning tip #9: a brand mantra is not a tagline

Brand positioning tip #10: repetition is the secret ingredient

Brand positioning tip #11: the 1-2 punch

Brand positioning tip #12: don’t get hung up on the words

Brand positioning tip #13: embedding positioning internally

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Catalyst or controller of the brand message? Here’s some new data

Kevin Keller’s five favorite classic brand mantras

How to test your brand positioning: is it desirable, deliverable, and differentiated?

Were these tips helpful?

If so, you can find more tips about how to build your brand effectively in my book, The Ad-Free Brand (not an advertisement, mind you, just a friendly suggestion:).

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