Ad-Free Brand Errata

The good news is The Ad-Free Brand is now available (you can get it here). The bad news is that there are a few errors that were introduced between the final proofs and printing of the book that won’t be fixed until the next printing (if you buy an EPUB or Kindle version of the book, these should already be fixed).


In Chapter 3, I use a dollar sign, an hourglass, and a star to rate the expense, time, and value of each research project. Unfortunately, the hourglasses got lost in a freak font mix up at the compositor’s desk. So instead of hourglasses, in each chart in Chapter 3 you’ll see 6s. Argh. If you ever thought that doing research was the devil’s work, you will now be vindicated. Check it out and you’ll see what I mean.


In Figure 6.2, the label underneath the illustrations, THIS not THIS, is exactly backwards. I’d rather have people thinking of their organizations as on gravitational force in a universe of many than as the only gravitational force at the center of the universe. This should be clear from the text and the caption, but the label is incorrect.

As I discover any other errors in the book, I’ll report them here. If you see anything that you think needs to be fixed, please email me at chris(at)


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